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Ebony Robinson is the sole operator and certified trainer of Royal Pain Fitness, LLC. While fitness and health is her passion and calling, it has not always been at the forefront of her life.

Ebony spent many years from adolescents into adulthood battling weight issues and how to correctly address them. Over the years, fad diets, well known weight loss treatments as well as off and on exercise were used to lose weight. Some were successful but never enough to make a big difference. In 2011 at 148lbs, Ebony began working with a Personal Trainer and within a few weeks the results were astonishing. Learning how to properly incorporate cardiovascular exercise, resistance training and proper nutrition, Ebony finally realized what it meant to live a healthy lifestyle. She grew to respect the discipline and life was never the same.

At the urging of family and her then trainer, she pursued her own certification in Personal Training. In December of 2012 she began training part time on the weekends and in the evenings after her job as a Technical Support Representative for a computer software company.

In July 2013, Ebony and her family moved back to Los Angeles from a suburban area, she resigned from her 13 year stint as a Technical Support Representative and boldly decided to create Royal Pain Fitness and pursue it as a full time career path. This has quickly proven to be one of the greatest decisions of her life. Her clients enjoy small group sessions, one on one sessions and online training. The results of her clients show the dedication that Ebony gives to each person lending moral support, the knowledge to make total life transformations and the personal experience of what the journey is like showing her clients that it can be done.

Ebony currently resides in San Diego with her husband who serves in the U.S. Navy, their 17 year old daughter who is at the top of her class and is active in film, theater and photography. They also have a 6 yr old son who is active in Karate and theater. He encourages his Mom and enjoys taking runs with her during evening group sessions.

Mission Statement- "Royal Pain Fitness,LLC is invested in the total transformation (mentally, physically and spiritually) by fostering a healthy lifestyle into ones life. As a collective, we strive to develop vigorous disciplines through regular exercise, balanced nutrition and an empowered mindset."