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"My core muscles had gotten so weak that it became a chore trying to do some of the activities I had been doing. I also began to notice how my posture was giving in at the core area.

Now that I am taking exercise under Ebony, I have felt a great improvement in my energy and my overall strength as well as in the core area. I look forward to the workout sessions and I am truly pleased with the results."

Helen Singleton, 76


"I joined Royal Pain fitness in June of 2013 with the mindset that I would get in shape for an upcoming vacation to Miami. Right from the start Ebony knew what she needed to do to push me to meet the commitment and she took it a step further and helped me make fitness a lifestyle.  I not only hit my weight goal, but I have now surpassed it and readjusted my goal. I am healthier than I have been in years and I am competing in the Spartan race, something I would have never considered before working with Royal Pain.”

Santino Anderson, 35


Numbers don’t lie…

March 9th, 2013, I began my fitness journey with Ebony because I needed a push. I’ve always been a hefty, chubby, well… fat person for the most part. I felt that I was meant to be 200+ pounds because I honestly can’t remember a time when I was less than 200 pounds, except in middle school maybe. Prior to meeting Ebony, I was on a health and fitness journey, but felt stifled. I asked my friends if they knew of any personal trainers in the Los Angeles area, and they referred me to Ebony. In the beginning, I was scared. “Does she know what she is doing?” “Is she actually going to help me?” “Do I really need her?” “Is this going to be a waste of money?” Those were the thoughts running through my head. I knew in my heart that I needed to invest in myself, so I gave her a shot. When I first met Ebony, her inviting spirit was warm, and I could tell she was ready to do work. The fact that I am still riding strong with her now, speaks volumes. I would say I’m a no non-sense type of individual. If your initial presentation sucks to me, I don’t give second chances. From my first experience with her, I knew she was going to be MY trainer. I currently meet with Ebony weekly, and I can honestly say, her workouts are NEVER the same. No disrespect to Zumba and those other routine workout classes, but I need variety, and Ebony gives it. She pushes me to do work, even outside of meeting with her.

During my journey with Ebony, I’ve lost a total of 45.75 inches, 8.6% of body fat, and 31 pounds! Numbers don’t lie! I definitely plan on continuing my journey with her and blasting out more goals. Since training with Ebony, my confidence has soared, I’m knocking out goals left and right, and I’m stronger.

Chanel Williams